Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown JHP 9mm Luger 115 grain

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  • Brand:Sig Sauer
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Bullet Weight: 115 grain
  • Number of Rounds: 500 rounds
  • Unit of Measure: Box
  • Classification: Ammunition
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Sig Sauer 9mm JHP

The Sig Sauer 9mm JHP V-Crown Elite Performance ammunition is an impressive cartridge that is built from the ground up to be a ultra reliable and accurate defensive cartridge. Using only the finest components combined with SS exacting standards and modern manufacturing processes ensure that shooters have the very best they have to offer. This cartridges utilize a perfect storm of features from low-flash propellant to a cannelured shank, resulting in maximum weight retention with reliable ballistic performance. V-Crown ammunition creates a consistent v-shaped main cavity on top of a deep narrow trail with superior weight retention and maximum expansion, optimal penetration depth time after time.

The V-Crown Elite Performance bullet offers incredible performance with reliable feeding and massive expansion for an impressive wound channel. The casing is nickel plated brass for enhanced lubricity, and improved feeding and extraction with a greatly reduced corrosion. When you need the best for your defensive needs you need SS V-Crown Elite Performance ammunition. Available in stock place your orders today at Target Ammo Store.

The V-Crown defensive rounds combine perfected material specifications and fine-tuned design innovations, including a stacked hollow point cavity, to deliver exceptional on-target energy with maximum weight retention and optimal expansion for ultimate stopping power.

The origins of the Sig Sauer company lie in the company named Schweizerische Waggon Fabrik (“Swiss Wagon Factory”), which was founded in by Friedrich Peyer im Hof , and Johann Conrad Neher.The group pooled their engineering talents and created the Prelaz-Burnand rifle, known as the “Prélaz-Burnand 1859” or “Prelaz-Burnand  rifle. The invention of this rifle is credited to gunsmith Jean-Louis Joseph Prélaz and army officer Edouard Burnand. The rifle was submitted to an 1860 competition by Switzerland’s Federal Ministry of Defense. It won and in  the company was awarded a contract to produce 30,000 Prelaz-Burnand rifles.


Ammo Specifications:


  • Brand : Sig Sauer
  • Classification : Ammunition
  • Caliber : 9mm Luger
  • Bullet Weight : 115 grain
  • Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
  • Package Type : Box
  • Number of Rounds : 500 rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1185 ft/s
  • Muzzle Energy : 359 ft/lbs


Additional information

Number Of Rounds

500 Rounds [20×25], 1000 Rounds [20×50]