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Released in 2018, the 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (sometimes known as the 300 Hornady PRC or just 300 PRC AMMO) is a 30 caliber magnum cartridge purpose built for a high level of accuracy and the best possible performance at extended range. Designed from the start to use heavy for caliber, extremely aerodynamic bullets that deliver excellent performance at long range, the 300 PRC BALLISTICS has started to catch on with the hunting community.

Built by modifying a 375 Ruger cartridge case necked down to use 30-caliber bullets, the 300 PRC has a long neck length with an abnormally long head height. The 300 PRC has an overall length of 3.7″ which necessitates the use of a magnum length rifle action though.

The cartridge is also designed for use in rifles with a pretty fast 1:8″ rifling twist rate and excels when using exceptionally long, high BC bullets. The cartridge is also capable of firing long, heavy 190 grain, 212 grain, 215 grain, and 225 grain bullets about as fast as a 300 Win Mag fires 180-grain bullets.


The end result is a flat shooting, hard hitting, and wind bucking 30-caliber magnum cartridge optimized for long-range shooting. Not only is the cartridge great for punching paper and banging steel at long distances, but the 300 PRC is a capable of delivering the goods on game ranging from deer up to elk and moose at longer ranges. These factors have led to the increasing popularity of the 300 PRC among hunters in recent years.

Indeed, the 300 PRC compares favorably to many other 30 caliber cartridges (like the 300 Winchester Magnum, the 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, the 300 Norma Magnum, the 300 Weatherby Magnum, the 300 Ruger Compact Magnum, etc.) in certain areas.

I wouldn’t say it’s the hottest new cartridge on the market, but it’s definitely gaining in popularity and it may well be the premier long-range cartridge in use today.Order Now all your 300 PRC AMMO FOR SALE from Target Ammo Store.