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Gun & Ammo Storage

Gun & Ammo Storage | Firearms Storage for the Hunter, Sportsman and Shooting Enthusiast | weapon storage systems | Weapon Racks | Gun  Safe

Gun & Ammo Storage or Firearm storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. It is static and certainly has not kept up with the sweeping changes in the size and shape of firearms. A herd mentality prevails, whether it’s a gun safe or a gun cabinet – put ‘em in the barn and close the door. Guns bump against guns. Little room for scopes. No respect for your firearms.
Working directly with armorers and weapon specialists has produced a wealth of knowledge contributing to our flexible weapon storage solutions and ergonomically engineered armory design services. Target Ammo Inc. is committed to meeting your mission objectives while maximizing your unit’s productivity. Gun safe

The volume of serialized and high value gear going into armories is increasing. Weapon racks do not properly store this gear. Armories like this (shown above) require armorers remove all gear from the cabinets for a serialized site count. The result in high damage and loss rates as well and poor inventory/audit function. The process can take all day. We can reduce this to an hour or two.

In active armories such as base security forces, ergonomics and workflow are critical. In the following example we were brought in to evaluate a solution developed by a high density storage company. While they were very experienced in commercial and medical records storage, they did not understand armories.

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