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.243 Winchester

Buy .243 Winchester Rifle Ammunition Online | .243 Winchester Ammo In Stock | Buy Bulk .243 Winchester Ammo

You can Buy .243 Winchester Rifle Ammunition The .243 Winchester Ammo In Stock (6×52mm) is a popular sporting rifle cartridge Buy Bulk .243 Winchester Ammo. Developed as a versatile short action cartridge to hunt both medium game and small game alike, it “took whitetail hunting by storm when introduced in 1955, and remains one of the most popular whitetail deer cartridges. It is also commonly used for harvesting blacktail deer, pronghorns and mule deer with heavier rounds, and is equally suited to varmint hunting with lighter rounds. The .243 is based on a necked down .308 Winchester, introduced only three years earlier. Expanding monolithic copper bullets of approximately 80[3] to 85[4][5] grains or traditional lead rounds of 90 to 105 grains with controlled expansion designs are best suited for hunting medium game, while lighter rounds are intended for varmints

In at least ten U.S. states and the United Kingdom, the .243 or similar cartridges are the smallest bore cartridges that are legal for hunting deer; this has been revised in the UK to allow Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer to be taken with .22 (5.56mm) chambered weapons. The cartridge can be extremely accurate to 300 yards (270 m) and beyond, but may not retain enough terminal energy to reliably drop medium game at that distance. Highly experienced hunters use the .243 Winchester to routinely drop bucks up to 250 pounds (110 kg),[2] while less experienced hunters can be just as capable with the .243 because of its very low recoil yet high velocity. Besides hunting applications, the cartridge is popular with target and metallic silhouette shooters for those same recoil and velocity properties, with superb accuracy.

The .243 Winchester has regularly made the top five of rankings for “Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Cartridges” from sources such as Field and Stream and Outdoor Life, and its widespread popularity (called the “whitetail hunter’s favorite” by the Browning Arms Company and “American favorite” by American Rifleman ) assures chamberings in newly manufactured offerings of not only bolt-action rifles, but also semiautomatic rifles (e.g., Browning BAR and AR-10 platforms), lever action rifles (e.g., Henry Long Ranger and Browning BLR), and even pump action rifles (e.g., Remington 7600).[2] Gun Digest estimates that (as of the end of 2018) the .243 Winchester is the second-most popular of all hunting rifle chamberings (after the long action .30-06).[17] Commentators such as popular ammunition author Chuck Hawks have opined that the .243 Winchester (as a “6mm NATO” round) should replace the 5.56×45mm NATO (.223 Remington) for most United States Armed Forces use cases but the .243 has, as of 2021, never been used as a military cartridge. .243 Winchester Ammo In Stock
Remington also saw the 6 mm (.243 in) family as suitable for this dual-purpose use and introduced their version, the .244 Remington, in the same year based upon the .257 Roberts necked down to accept .243 bullets up to 90 grains in weight. The Winchester round remains available today whereas the .244 Remington, later renamed the 6mm Remington with the introduction of 100-grain bullets, is far less popular even though it can push all bullet weights slightly faster with maximum loads due to the larger capacity case. The fact that the .243 Win was originally offered in a 1 in 10 inch rifling twist rate, a rate better able to stabilize heavier, 100- and 105-grain bullets, versus the .244 Remington’s 1 in 12 inch twist (hence the 90-grain factory offering) was also a factor in their popularity.Buy Bulk .243 Winchester Ammo

Since the enactment of the Deer Act in the United Kingdom, which stipulates a minimum bullet diameter of .240 inches, together with minimum levels of muzzle velocity and bullet energy, the .243 has long been perceived as the entry-level caliber for legal deer-stalking. Firearms that would normally be chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62×51mm NATO are sometimes available in .243 in countries–such as Spain–whose regulations restrict or forbid private ownership of so-called military calibers (restricted to bolt action-repeating rifles). No military is known to currently designate this round for service.  Like other improved cartridges, this created a steeper shoulder and blew the sides out, giving about 10% more powder capacity, and some small improvement in velocity.

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