Best 6.5 PRC Ammo For Hunting Deer, Elk, Bear, & Other Game Many people use the flat shooting 6.5 PRC for hunting deer, elk, and many other species of big game with excellent results. Here are a few great brands of 6.5 PRC ammo that will probably serve you well next time you’re afield

The 6.5 PRC absolutely excels at long distance where the almost laser flat trajectory and wind bucking characteristics of the cartridge become extremely important. It should come as no surprise then that Hornady includes the 6.5 PRC in their Precision Hunter line of factory ammo. As a matter of fact, this was the very first factory hunting ammo option for the cartridge and it’s still a good choice today.

Loaded with the extremely aerodynamic Extremely Low Drag eXpanding (ELD-X) bullet, this ammo line is designed for western hunters going after game like mule deer or pronghorn antelope who need the very best ammo for a long range hunting situation. Using a 143 grain ELD-X bullet, that load is a very good 6.5 PRC ammo option for hunters wanting to maximize the extended range performance of the cartridge.

Hornady advertises that the ELD-X bullet has the best-in-class ballistic coefficients over their entire trajectory and that their Precision Hunter ammunition also offers match grade accuracy (usually sub-MOA).

Though the ELD-X does not have a bonded core like the Hornady InterBond, the ELD-X does feature a thicker jacket and the Hornady InterLock ring to help increase weight retention, control expansion, and minimize the chances of core-jacket separation. For this reason, the ELD-X is still devastating on deer and pronghorn sized game, but it’s also a much better choice than their SST bullet for use on larger game.

That said, the ELD-X is still a little too fragile for my tastes. Many hunters use this exact ammunition on elk each year with a lot of success. Personally, I prefer a tougher bullet for elk sized game (like the Barnes LRX, Nosler AccuBond Long Range, Hornady CX, or Federal Terminal Ascent also on this list). I think the ELD-X is perfect for deer sized game though.

All things considered, this 6.5 PRC ammunition is capable of delivering great terminal performance on many species of big game for shots at 400+ yards without dealing with the price or recoil of the big magnum cartridges.precision-hunter-6-5prc-143grain

  • Bullet Type: Hornady Extremely Low Drag eXpanding
  • Bullet Weight: 143 grains
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1): .625
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,960 feet per second (2,782 ft-lbs of muzzle energy)