Mossberg 930 Special Purpose, 18″, 8 shot


  • SKU: 49152810560
  • Brand: Mossberg
  • Manufacturer Number: HGX728593
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • State: New
  • Unit of Measure: Each
  • Classification: Firearm , Shotguns
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Mossberg 930 Special-Purpose 12Gauge

The Mossberg 930 Special-Purpose 12Gauge is made of a picatinny rail, magazine extension, LPA Ghost Ring rear sight (insert), Winged fiber optic front sight, pistol grip full-length black synthetic stock.

The gauge number is determined by the weight, in fractions of a pound, of a solid sphere of lead with a diameter equal to the inside diameter of the barrel. So, a 10-gauge shotgun nominally should have an inside diameter equal to that of a sphere made from one-tenth of a pound of lead. Each gauge has a set caliber. By far the most common gauges are 12 (0.729 in, 18.5 mm diameter) and 20 (0.614 in, 15.6 mm), although 67 (.410 in diameter), 32, 28, 24, 16, and 10 (19.7 mm) gauge also exist.

Different gauges have different typical applications. 12-gauge shotguns are common for hunting geese, large ducks, or other big larger gamebirds; professional skeet and trap shooting; military applications; and home-defense applications. 16-gauge shotguns were once common for hunters who wanted to use only a single shotgun for gamebirds normally pursued with 12 or 20-gauge shotguns, but have become rarer in recent years. 20-gauge shotguns are often used for gamebirds such as doves, smaller ducks, and quail. 28-gauge shotguns are not common, but are classic quail-hunting guns. .410 gauge shotguns are typically used for squirrel hunting or for sportsmen seeking the challenge of killing game with a smaller load. Other, less common shotgun cartridges have their own unique uses. Ammunition manufacturer CCI produces 9 mm (.355 in.) and several other popular pistol calibers up to .45 ACP as well as .22 (5.5 mm) for firing from handguns. These are commonly called snake shot cartridges. Larger gauges, up to 4 bore, too powerful to shoulder, have been built, but were generally affixed to small boats and referred to as punt guns. These were used for commercial waterfowl hunting, to kill large numbers of birds resting on the water.

Category : Shotguns
Action : Semi-Automatic
Gauge : 12 Gauge
Barrel Length : 18.5″
Capacity : 7+1
Chamber : 3″
OAL : 38″
Weight : 7.75 lbs
Stock Description : Synthetic Pistol Grip Black
Metal Finish : Black