Springfield Saint AR-15 Carbine Carbine 5.56/223


  • SKU: 9041950371
  • Brand: Springfield Armory
  • Manufacturer Number: ST85D2573
  • Caliber: 223 Remington / 5.56x45mm
  • State: Used
  • Unit of Measure: Each
  • Classification: Firearm
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Springfield Saint AR-15 5.56mm

Springfield Saint AR-15 5.56mm , Semi-automatic, AR, 223 Remington/556NATO, 16″ Barrel, 1:8 Twist, Flash Hider Included, Black Finish, BCM Gunfighter Grip and Stock, 1 Mag, 30Rd, Mid-Length Gas System, 6lbs 11oz, Flip Up Rear.The SAINTs flat top design is optics ready and includes a flip-up rear aperture sight and fixed A2-style front. The 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel features a 1:8 twist rate to handle a wide range of bullet types. The operation of the M16 bolt carrier group is managed by a mid-length gas system paired with a heavy tungsten buffer, resulting in an exceptionally smooth action. A good shot starts with the trigger, so that’s why the SPAR-15 features micro-polished and Nickel Boron treated components. While it offers the right pull weight for defensive use, Available now at Target Ammo Store for order.

The Colt AR-15 is closely related to the military M16 and M4 Carbine rifles, which all share the same core design and have the same operating principle. The term “AR-15” is now most-commonly used to refer only to the civilian variants of the rifle which lack the fully automatic function. Colt AR-15 SP1 rifle with ‘slab side’ lower receiver (lacking raised boss around magazine release button) and original Colt 20-round box magazine. ArmaLite designed a lightweight selective fire rifle for military use and designated it the ArmaLite model 15, or AR-15.Due to financial problems and limitations in terms of manpower and production capacity, ArmaLite sold the design and the AR-15 trademark along with the ArmaLite AR-10 to Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1959.Colt began selling its own version with an improved semi-automatic design known as the Colt AR-15.] After Colt’s patents expired in 1977, an active marketplace emerged for other manufacturers to produce and sell their own semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles.[1] Some versions of the AR-15 were classified as “assault weapons” and banned under the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act in 1994 within the United States. This act expired in 2004.

In 2009, the term “modern sporting rifle” was coined by the National Shooting Sports Foundation for its survey that year as a marketing term used by the firearms industry to describe modular semi-automatic rifles including AR-15s. Today, nearly every major firearm manufacturer produces its own generic AR-15 style rifle.As Colt continues to own and use the AR-15 trademark for its line of AR-15 variants, other manufacturers must use their own model numbers and names to market their AR-15 style rifles for commercial sale.


Rifle Specifications:


  • Name : Springfield Saint AR-15
  • Brand: Springfield Armory
  • Model : AR-15
  • Caliber : 223 Remington / 5.56x45mm
  • Type : Rifle
  • Action : Semi-Auto
  • State: Used
  • Capacity : 30+1
  • Finish : black metal finish
  • Length : –
  • Magazine : 1 / 30 rd.
  • Weight : 7. lbs.